Choosing the Right Materials for Large Format Printing Projects
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Choosing the Right Materials for Large-Format Printing Projects

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Choosing the Right Materials for Large-Format Printing Projects

Material for Big Printing Jobs

Banners and signage have long been utilized by businesses due to their effectiveness as low-cost, adaptable, and easy-to-install promotional tools. When done right, they can be one of the most effective means of visual communication for companies. Knowing the benefits of each content will allow you to better personalize your advertising strategy to achieve your goals.

Techniques for Producing Huge Posters

You’ll need to employ printing technology that’s appropriate for the large format printing Dubai material you’re using. The evolution of printing technology has resulted in several printing options.


large format printing dubai


The Types of Large Format Digital Printing Materials Available

  • PVC Banners
  • Window Film
  • Printable Textiles and Soft Signage
  • Textile Banners
  • Soft Signage
  • Floor Coverings
  • Mesh Banner Material
  • Printable Magnetic Sheets
  • PVC Free Recyclable, Eco-Friendly Banner Material
  • Printable Wallpaper
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl Rolls


Methods of Large-Format Printing

  • When using an inkjet plotter for solvent printing, a pigment solvent ink is utilized instead of the more common aqueous ink. This yields colorful pictures, but it takes a long time to dry and isn’t eco-friendly. However, unlike aqueous ink, it applies to a wider variety of substrates.
  • Eco-solvent printing use water-based or solvent-free inks, both of which are environmentally friendly. This results in virtually odorless inks. Eco-solvent printing can take more time to dry, but the results are strikingly vivid photographs. The heating involved means that it can’t be used on a wide variety of materials.
  • The ink, coatings, or adhesives used in your large format printing medium of choice can be dried or cured using ultraviolet light in a process called UV printing. The UV light will ensure that it dries as quickly as possible. In addition to being cheap, quick to produce, and long-lasting, it can be utilized on a wide variety of materials.
  • The latex acts as a vehicle for the various color pigments used in latex printing, which is accomplished by using print heads to distribute water-based ink. The finished product is brighter and livelier than traditional printing procedures. It’s more eco-friendly, less expensive, and quicker than traditional printing methods.
  • The inkjet printers you use at home and in the office are examples of this incredibly widespread printing method. It’s an economical and efficient method of reproducing images on whichever substrate you want. Large-format printing will require specialized inkjet printers, and it won’t work with all materials.
  • Digital printing materials with a dye-sublimation print will retain their color and appearance for a very long time. By heating the transfer paper, the solid inks are transformed into a gas that can infiltrate the substrate. As a result, the image quality is superior to that of any other printing method.


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Get High-Quality Prints from COLART Advertising

Whether you’ve already decided on the details of your next big format printing project or are just getting started, it’s critical to receive your graphics from a reputable provider.

COLART Advertising has a wide range of high-quality materials created exclusively for large-format printing jobs. We understand the special needs of such projects and supply materials that assure excellent color vibrancy, durability, and overall aesthetic impact.

When it comes to large-format printing projects in Dubai, COLART Advertising is a reliable and trustworthy choice. With their extensive range of materials, customization options, durability, printing compatibility, sustainability practices, and expert support, they offer a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking high-quality prints that make a lasting impact.