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UV Printing in Dubai


Flatbed UV Printing in Dubai That’s a Cut Above the Rest

Ideal for premium printing on large, rigid surfaces, the flatbed UV printing services at COLART help create high-quality printed signs, products, and custom packaging.

Following social responsibility, we have moved from the Solvent Ink technology to UV and Latex Inks technology as they are harmful to both life and the planet. Proudly associated with AGFA, we are the pioneers in UV technology and have collaborated with them for AGFA machine for LED curing technology and white-colored inks. COLART Advertising proudly boasts the first LED curing FLAT bed machine in the region. That enables high-quality prints with precision and high-speed productivity. Thus, it helps us to serve our customers better.

The COLART process

Our printing services are backed by a proficient in-house team, with expert execution from technical print specialists. We pay close attention to every aspect of clients’ projects and ensure top-notch service.

  • The COLART team receives primary orders/artwork and offers color correction, color matching, and design assistance to fine-tune every project. We can help you select the best substrates and printing technology for your particular application, meeting both your indoor and outdoor installation needs.
  • Our technicians set up the necessary files for maximum printing accuracy and take care of any needed preparations for coating and cutting.
  • A team of in-house specialists handles every aspect of projects. We readily manage cutting, sizing, final assembly, and shipping for reliable, efficient, and effective delivery.
  • Our print experts ensure top quality with color matching, complete print quality control, and exhaustive ink-to-substrate adhesion-based testing. We are also proud to support our UV printing capabilities with a suite of complementary in-house services.

Top reasons to choose UV printing for your business

The printing technology is evolving at a rapid rate, out of which UV printing in Dubai has become the most important and popular one. There are several benefits of opting for this printing technology. Keeping this in mind, we have discussed the advantages your business will get with UV printing technology.

1. With UV printing, the evaporation of harmful chemicals present in the ink and dye is minimized. As a result, the concentration of volatile components in the air is reduced.

2. UV printing is relatively fast, and you can complete printing tons of pages within a few minutes. Therefore, you won’t have to wait much till the printing task is over.

3. UV printing technology makes the prints sharper and crisper to ensure every structure is prominently visible.

About COLART | Leading Flatbed UV Printing in Dubai Company

COLART Advertising are highly focused on clients to achieve higher sales, shaping a specific brand image, or securing commercial sustainability.

We are a team of 50 + professionals with vast experience who work hand in hand to execute projects. With an experience of 28+ years and being one of the region’s leading printing & advertising companies, our high-tech in-house facilities support the Middle East market by producing a wide range of print materials, including large formats indoor and outdoor.

Why Choose Us? Flatbed UV Printing in Dubai

With over 28 years of advertising experience, COLART is the market leader in flatbed UV printing. As a result of our unmatched expertise, we already work with an extensive range of premier brands. We use the latest high-quality printing machines to produce first-class printing.

Although we do the actual printing, we involve you in every aspect of the venture. That includes the initial design idea, right till the finished project. You can rely on us to provide every essential service to produce the best advertising material for you. For any and all sorts of printing enquiry we humbly state just Leave it to the EXPERT!!

Get a quote now. Contact us now at +971 55 9745050.