Sign Board Manufacture & Supplier Company Dubai, UAE
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A signage company that truly understands your brands need in visual merchandise and digital signage. Our unmatched experience in sign industry over 27 years allows us to execute any Complex signage projects with ease.

We manufacture signs and graphics for any business needs. We are dedicated in developing quality signages and graphic solutions produced to customer’s exact specifications. We have built a loyal policy by providing our clients with quality, reliability, efficiency and innovation in a highly dedicated and friendly manner. We are one of the best signage service companies in Dubai.

Signage boards in Dubai

Signage Solutions- Simple, Reliable, and Scalable

COLART is a one-stop shop for quality outdoor and indoor Signage solutions in Dubai. We put our customers’ needs at heart to deliver excellence that’s a cut above the rest.

When it comes to signs and graphics, you need something that exudes the dedication and ethos of a successful company like yours. Signage solutions from COLART strike a perfect balance between affordability and grandiosity.

Our sign boards are not only an opportunity for effective branding and increased credibility but also is a time-tested alternative to media and online advertising. And the best part? With suitable placement, outdoor advertising can work like a charm for you.

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Bringing Creative Visions to Life!

The world today is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Gone are the days of traditional, boring marketing campaigns that barely yield good results. The new era demands innovation and creativity that puts the needs and wants at the core of marketing campaigns. People are more attracted to unique elements that captivate their attention and gauge their minds.

With the transition of time, signages have positioned themselves into the most modern era.

From regular tube light boxes to neons and LEDs fitted with 3D letters, signage has evolved. With this evolution into interactive signs and VR technology, the sign industry has surpassed many other industries. COLART uses high-quality LED modules and lights with branded transformers to give top-notch illumination and ultimately achieve ultimate brightness.


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