Digital Printing Service in Dubai | ColArt Advertising
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Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. We offer professional printing on a wide range of services like pvc/flex banners, roll ups, pop-ups, backdrops, promotional tables, directory / safety sign and fence branding.

We own a set of high-end printing machineries namely:

1) HP-Latex 570

2) HP-Latex 330


4) AGFA Annapurna H2500i

Digital Printing in Dubai

You Dream It. We Print It.

COLART Advertising combines traditional craftsmanship and digital technology to print bespoke designs. We provide the best-in-class printing services in Dubai with the fastest turnaround and the best value for money.

From conventional printing to ever-growing print technology, we have mastered it all. From 2-man desk operators to Flatbed UV technology, COLART Advertising has been well known for using hi-tech digital large format machines. With the likes of HP Latex, XEROX print master, AGFA Flatbed LED curing UV printers, we stand above the rest in terms of quality, precision, and deliverables.

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