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For fast and large volume printing, Offset process is the most appropriate solution. We offer a wide range of print services suitable for a range of requirements like stationeries, brochures, paper bags, catalogues, and many more.

Offset Printing in Dubai

We Design, Print, and Promote YOU

Offset printing in Dubai remains the optimum method of achieving superior quality and uniformity over larger print volumes to date.

Printing constitutes offset printing, screen printing & digital printing. It is one of the oldest inventions and a boon to humans. With time, machinery has improved, and technology has evolved. For any large-scale print and production, we have machinery like Heidelberg to cater to your print requirements.

COLART provides a cost-effective solution for your printing project, which we can further enhance with the variety and adaptability of the printing machines we have available. We can easily accommodate multi-color printing on a wide range of papers, finishes, and weights, with treatments and embellishments.


Why Choose Offset Printing?

Using etched metal plates that apply the ink directly to your label, the offset method of printing provides results that are of a premium quality – which is why it’s been so popular for so many years! Ideal for large quantity orders, offset printing is relevant on a wide range of materials without dropping any standards.

  • Range of Materials

One of the main reasons this method is prominent is that it is suitable for a varied range of materials. You can get a plethora of different labels all printed to look the same.

  • Cost-Effective

This method is cost-effective for bulk orders. The setup costs are higher, and it can be a bit expensive for lower quantity orders.

  • Quality Finish

It is the way printing has been completed for many years, and many people prefer it because of the excellent quality finish that you receive on every order you place seamlessly.

Advantages of Offset Printing in Dubai:

  • You can produce large quantities more cost-effectively.
  • A better choice of paper and board materials.
  • Bigger sheet sizes that complement packaging.
  • Delivers the highest print quality, with greater detail and color clarity.

Why is offset printing so popular?

There are many types of printing technology, like laser printing, digital printing, offset printing, and so on. Out of these types, offset printing in Dubai has gained a lot of applause. It allows the operator to control the amount of ink used for printing purposes and the ink colors. One can mix multiple inks to create the desired color and then use the same for printing the papers.

The offset printers also create high-quality prints that are permanently etched on the paper. The color won’t fade away quickly or bleed once the printing is done. The printers usually support multiple paper formats to ensure the devices can be used for different purposes.

About COLART| Leading Offset Printing Company in Dubai

COLART is highly focused to help their clients in the goals of higher sales, shaping a specific brand image, or securing commercial sustainability.

We are a team of 50 + professionals with vast experience who work hand in hand to execute projects. With an experience of 28+ years and being one of the region’s leading printing & advertising companies, our high-tech in-house facilities support the Middle East market by producing a wide range of print materials, including large formats indoor and outdoor.

Create the Extraordinary with COLART

Using the latest technology, we can design, print, and finish products for your business. From business cards to flyers, magazines, large banners, and more. We follow RPP (Right Price Policy) that is well-suited for your budget.

For all or any offset printing needs, we humbly quote, Leave it to the EXPERT!!

Contact us now at +971 55 9745050.