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Fabric Printing


Fabric Printing in Dubai

Go Fabric Printing. Go Environmental-Friendly.

Is there a way to produce advertising material that is super vibrant, resistant to fading, extremely durable, fully recyclable, and also environmentally friendly? Yes, there is! Fabric graphic printing.

At COLART, we produce fantastic fabric graphic printing in Dubai for flexible advertising. This textile material matches the overall toughness and is much more versatile and cost-effective to store and transport.

Catering to the green earth motive, we at COLART have come a long way by moving from Solvent inks to UV and Latex ink technologies. We have also converted enquiries of PVC banners into solutions with fabric media.

With our in-house fabric printing in Dubai facility and tailoring department, we cater to the requirements of fabric banners, fabric lightboxes, and promotional flags for advertising purposes. We use industry-leading sublimation and reactive printing methods to bond the inks to the fibers of the fabric. This always retains the original handle and feel of the fabric, and thus the resulting print is brilliant in full color.

Benefits of Fabric Printing in Dubai

  • It is highly durable. The digitally printed fabrics have a longer life than the conventionally printed ones. They fade away with frequent wash.
  • It is highly affordable as it uses less space than conventional rotary screen printing, and there is no limit to the color combinations one can use in digital printing.
  • It uses less power which means the energy consumption is also low.
  • Since it neither requires water for sublimation nor does there is any need to wash rotary screens to apply new colors using enormous amounts of water, you save a lot of water.
  • Overall it is low-cost because of the lack of screen engraving and color separation. You also don’t need to produce and test screens for individual patterns. That makes it very much cost-effective for smaller orders.
  • It provides high-resolution prints with accurate patterns in short runs and fast turnarounds.
  • It causes minimal wastage of ink and is eco-friendly. As no disposal of excess dye and chemicals harm the environment like that in rotary screen printing.

About COLART | Leading Fabric Printing Company in Dubai

COLART Advertising has a customer-centric focus. They help you achieve all the goals like higher sales, shaping a specific brand image, or securing commercial sustainability.

We are a team of 50 + professionals with vast experience who work hand in hand to execute projects. With an experience of 28+ years and being one of the leading printing & advertising companies, our high-tech in-house facilities support the Middle East market by producing a wide range of print materials, including large formats indoor and outdoor.

Why Choose Us?

With over 28 years of advertising experience, COLART is the market leader in textile graphic printing. As a result of our unmatched expertise, we already work with an extensive range of premier high brands. We use all of the latest high-quality printing machines to produce first-class fabric printing and also follow RPP (Right Price Policy).

Although we do the actual printing, we involve you in every aspect of the venture. That includes the initial design idea, right till the finished project. Our simplicity in approach also allows our clients to stay at ease and we humbly say just Leave it to the Expert!!

Leave it to the EXPERT!! Get a quote now. Contact us now at +971 55 9745050.