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Fabric Printing


Fabric Printing in Dubai

Go Fabric Printing. Go Environmental-Friendly.

Is there a way to produce advertising material that is super vibrant, resistant to fading, extremely durable, fully recyclable, and also environmentally friendly? Yes, there is! Fabric graphic printing.

At COLART, we produce fantastic fabric graphic printing in Dubai for flexible advertising. This textile material matches the overall toughness and is much more versatile and cost-effective to store and transport.

Catering to the green earth motive, we at COLART have come a long way by moving from Solvent inks to UV and Latex ink technologies. We have also converted enquiries of PVC banners into solutions with fabric media.

With our in-house fabric printing in Dubai facility and tailoring department, we cater to the requirements of fabric banners, fabric lightboxes, and promotional flags for advertising purposes. We use industry-leading sublimation and reactive printing methods to bond the inks to the fibers of the fabric. This always retains the original handle and feel of the fabric, and thus the resulting print is brilliant in full color.

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