Exploring the Future of Digital Printing: Trends to Watch Out For
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The Future of Digital Printing

The Future of Digital Printing

Printing has been prominent for years, and it has been a time-honored tradition that has always brought effective results.

However, like most aspects of lives are being digitized, printing is also moving into the new age of technology with digital printing.

More than half of the leading print professionals say that adding digital infrastructure is one of their top priorities to incorporate over the next three years. There are several advantages that digital printing brings along with itself as compared to traditional printing that just cannot be ignored:

  • Reduced costs – There can be up to a 30% decrease in client costs.
  • Increased profits – Over 70% of print professionals report increased profits for businesses after migration.
  • Customer approval – Almost 60% of print professionals report customer satisfaction, retention, and acquisition improvement.


The future of digital printing in Dubai is hot, and the wisest decision-makers are embracing this expanding sector with unmatched vigor and enthusiasm.

But, you may wonder why digital printing in Dubai is soaring at such a high rate. Colart Publishing breaks down the top 4 reasons why the future of digital printing is just unstoppable like a piercing bullet:

  1. Impressive and unmatched service – Digital printing is a crowd-pleaser for its flexibility, allowing print suppliers to provide products as needed and on time. Additionally, product upgrades and changes can happen more quickly, so digital printing in Dubai becomes an advantage for making a great, timely impression and increasing sales.
  2. Favorable Pricing – Digital printing prices continue to become more affordable. Modern digital presses are designed for heavy output and maximizing efficiency. The faster speeds allow print companies to become more cost-effective and efficient, making everyone happy as costs decline. This further drives the demand for digital print.
  3. Data Management – Managing and maintaining data as it matures with technology capable of identifying potential customers is an outstandingly powerful skill. Digital printing will effectively be a communication channel for this particular output ad, so it’s best to heed the call and incorporate it.

Digital Printing in Dubai

Why choose digital printing?

#1 Quick turnaround:

If you need to do your print job fast, then digital printing is what you require. Unlike traditional offset printing, which involves using a plate to transfer the image or text onto paper, Dubai’s digital printing consists of sending files from a computer straight to the digital printer. This process allows for a quick turnaround for smaller jobs.

#2: Cost efficiency

It’s still true that the offset press manages long runs very well when it comes to cost. However, the new printing machines can quickly produce printed products, and digital printing costs are much more competitive. With digital printing, the price per piece may be higher. Still, there are no production, shipping, delivery, distribution, and warehousing costs, making digital printing your most cost-efficient option.

Digital Printing Services in Dubai

Harness the Power of Technology Before Your Competitors | Digital Printing in Dubai

Colart combines traditional craftsmanship and digital technology to print bespoke designs. We provide the best-in-class print with the fastest turnaround and the best value for money.

From conventional printing to ever-growing print technology, we have mastered it all. From 2 man desk operators to Flatbed UV technology, Colart Advertising has been well known for using hi-tech digital large format machines. With the likes of HP Latex & AGFA Flatbed LED curing UV printers, we stand above the rest in terms of quality, precision, and deliverables.

Leave your digital printing needs in Dubai to the expert. To know more, contact us now: +971 55 9745050.