UV Printing – From Quality Speed to Market Printing Experience
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UV Printing – From Quality Speed to Market Printing Experience

UV Printing Dubai

UV Printing – From Quality Speed to Market Printing Experience

UV printing is a specialized form of digital printing that utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light to dry or cure the ink, adhesives, or coatings virtually as soon as they hit the paper, aluminium, foam board, or acrylic. This technology can be used to print on anything that fits in the printer.

UV Printing

Services for flat-bed UV printing

In addition to its great durability and sleek performance, Colart Advertising’s flatbed UV printing gear also helps to attract your target audience. UV printing is the best method for decorating bottles and trophies. We have a production flatbed UV printer where we print straight onto sheets instead of creating self-adhesive roll vinyl and then adhering it to the board. Through this shift in production, we reduce expenses and increase output significantly.

Acrylic UV printing

Due to its transparency, acrylic is one of the most used materials in the signs and digital printing industries. This feature enables acrylic UV printers to print or transfer pictures or text straight onto trophies, memorials, awards, plaques, acrylic sheets, and signs, hence enhancing its versatility.


UV Printing Dubai

What distinguishes UV printing?

  • New large capacity bulk ink system optimizes ink use by reducing refilling time and allowing users to utilize all available ink
  • Repeatability
  • Produces ADA-compliant/Braille signage
  • Texture printing for standard flat prints and three-dimensional printing for a unique appearance and feel
  • Bottle and cylindrical item printing
  • Print on wood, metals, ceramic tiles, plastics, glass, industrial components, and promotional items, among many other substrates!
  • Directly printing on the desired garment or substrate simplifies printing

When should UV printing be used?

When it is urgent 

  • UV Printing is ideal for tasks that need more than one formatting options
  • A crisp, sharp appearance on uncoated paper, or
  • A satin finish on coated paper
  • This does not imply that different looks cannot be achieved. Consult Colart Advertising, your printing expert to determine if UV printing is appropriate for your project.

UV Printing

When smudging or abrasion is a cause for worry

The fact that UV printing dries instantaneously ensures that the work will not be smeared, regardless of how fast you want the piece, a UV coating can be added to avoid abrasions.

When printing on plastic or non-porous substrates

UV inks can dry directly on the surface of plastic or non-porous surfaces while printing.
UV makes it feasible to print on materials that would not work with conventional inks since the ink solvent doesn’t have to penetrate the paper.

Colart Advertising, UV printing services in Dubai give you and your clients this remarkable range of premium services. This service is great for personalizing gifts, corporate items, and promotional materials. UV printing will surely enhance the visual appeal of your products, excite new and current customers, and boost your brand’s image.