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Vehicle Branding: The Do’s and Don’ts

vehicle branding in dubai

Vehicle Branding: The Do’s and Don’ts

What to Do and What Not to Do with Vehicle Branding

Whether used to transport products, materials, or people, a business vehicle is a company’s necessity to ensure seamless transportation activities. In addition to many other advantages, company vehicles are excellent for advertising! A vehicle with a custom livery can take your brand to every nook and corner of a city or region. Let’s discuss the essentials of this process in detail!

Dos and Don’ts for Vehicle Branding

Dos of Vehicle Branding

Your company vehicle is the perfect canvas for advertising graphics. To make the most out of this empty canvas, determine the specifications of your vehicle or canvas before designing vehicle coverings.

You can also use vehicle template files or design car wraps tailored to the requirements of your business. If you lack the necessary templates, take photographs of your vehicles from various angles.

During this process, note your vehicles’ rivets, curvature, door handles, and other distinct textural characteristics. Using these details, you can design promotional vehicle graphics that are visible and unobstructed.

Explore Available Options

vehicle branding in dubai

Consider the numerous alternatives for mobile vehicle advertising. Each alternative contributes to the achievement of a particular marketing objective.

For example, magnetic car signs can be placed on the horizontal surfaces of vehicles, such as the door. They readily fall off if you install them on the vehicle’s angular or curved surfaces. This option is useful if you plan to use your vehicle and want to remove the promotional magnets when you wish to remain anonymous.

Vinyl vehicle covers are the most expensive than magnets and car stickers. Designed to last between three and five years, vehicle covers are an excellent choice for long-term business advertising.

Communicate Your Business’s Brand Message

Be specific about the business values and objectives to capture audiences’ attention. Signs can convey the character or personality of your business; therefore, it is essential to communicate your brand message effectively.

The appropriate vehicle graphics will include your business’s name, slogan or logo, and contact information. Ensure that your vehicle coverings and graphics set your brand apart.vehicle branding in dubai

Make Your Visuals Visible from All Angles

Your vehicle’s graphics should be visible from the front, sides, and rear. Utilise every angle of your vehicle to display your brand. Plan the placement of your advertisements in accordance with local and state regulations.

Some states permit businesses to place stickers on the windows of their vehicles, whereas others only permit graphics that do not obstruct your view. Some states prohibit the installation of decals on railings and fenders.

Mistakes to Avoid in Vehicle Branding

Do not develop unprofessional designs.

Create the ideal visual designs, whether decals, magnets, or vehicle wraps. Employ appropriate design elements that attract potential customers. Select relevant images and maintain a professional demeanour when creating your brand’s message.

If possible, hire a professional photographer to obtain high-quality images for your graphics. Avoid using low-quality images captured on your phone or sourced from the internet.

vehicle branding in dubai

Avoid using dull or neutral hues.

Daily, consumers are exposed to over 3,000 advertisements and promotional messages. Use the appropriate colours to make your message memorable and stand out.

The use of vibrant hues significantly impacts demonstrating a distinctive, captivating design and distinguishing your brand. To make a brand statement, ensure your vehicle cover design incorporates vibrant hues like yellow, red, and green.

The superior vehicle graphics are bolder and larger.

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Considering these dos and don’ts of vehicle branding in Dubai, you can work with a company such as Colart Advertising to design effective vehicle coverings for your business.

Contact us for the appropriate vehicle coverings, magnets, and decals to promote your brand in Dubai.