A Journey of Vehicle Branding Excellence in Dubai with Colart Advertising
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Vehicle Redesign for Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority: A Journey of Branding Excellence

Vehicle Redesign for Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority: A Journey of Branding Excellence


In the bustling city of Dubai, where modernity meets innovation, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient transportation for millions of residents and visitors alike. Our company, with our exceptional team of professionals and cutting-edge printing technology, had the privilege of undertaking a remarkable project: branding all RTA vehicle graphics in Dubai with the iconic RTA logo. This blog delves into the journey we embarked upon, the challenges we overcame, and the unparalleled quality we brought.

Chapter 1: A Vision for Transformation

The RTA approached us with a vision to enhance its brand presence and establish a stronger connection with the people of Dubai. Realizing the magnitude of the project, we collaborated closely with the RTA team to understand their goals, preferences, and requirements. We aimed to create a seamless integration of the RTA logo on their diverse fleet of vehicles, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

Chapter 2: Selecting the Finest Printing Media

To achieve a truly remarkable outcome, we understood the significance of utilizing top-quality printing media. After extensive research and testing, we selected a state-of-the-art printing material that combined durability, vibrant colours, and weather resistance. This choice ensured that the branding would withstand Dubai’s scorching heat, sandstorms, and the test of time.

Chapter 3: Execution with Precision

With Finalized design and printing media in hand, it was time to bring our vision to life. Our team of skilled technicians, equipped with High-class printing technology, worked tirelessly to apply the RTA branding to each vehicle. We meticulously considered the size, positioning, and visibility of the logo on every vehicle. Our commitment to precision and attention to detail ensured flawless execution.

Chapter 4: Marvelous Results

As the final touches were completed, the branded RTA vehicles took to the streets of Dubai, creating an awe-inspiring sight. The vibrant RTA logo adorning each car acted as a mobile billboard, reinforcing the RTA’s presence and becoming an integral part of the city’s visual landscape. Passersby, commuters, and tourists couldn’t help but notice the striking branding, which served as a testament to the RTA’s commitment to excellence and efficiency.


Bringing the RTA’s vision of vehicle graphics in Dubai to life through our branding efforts was a remarkable journey. From conceptualization to execution, we poured our passion, expertise, and resources into every project stage. The result was a stunning transformation of the RTA fleet around 70 vehicles which is completed and more to come, creating a lasting impact on Dubai’s transportation landscape. Our dedication to using high-quality printing media, combined with the professionalism and creativity of our team, ensured that the RTA’s brand identity was showcased with unparalleled brilliance.

COLART Advertising continues to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence, we look forward to embarking on more transformative projects that shape the visual landscape of Dubai and beyond.