What Is Digital Printing on Fabric?
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What Is Digital Printing on Fabric?

Digital Printing in Dubai

What Is Digital Printing on Fabric?

Digital fabric printing is the modern way to print on fabric. It is similar to printing on paper with an inkjet printer. However, in this method, the design is directly printed on the fabric. Digital printing in Dubai is gaining popularity these days, and it is becoming a popular method to design clothes. The easy and fuss-free method appeals too many people, and you will see this method being used more in the market. If you are wondering about digital printing on fabric, we discuss all the important details below. Read on to find out more about this method, and to decide whether or not it is worth it.

Digital Printing Services in Dubai

What is Digital Fabric Printing?

Digital fabric printing is the process of digital files being printed on fabric using advanced inkjet printers. It is the latest innovation in digital printing and is suitable for diverse printing needs. Digital printing is primarily used when you want to print smaller designs on garments such as dresses, t-shirts, promotional wear, etc. This type of design is referred to as garment-to-wear.

However, that does not mean digital printing cannot be used for printing larger designs. Digital Printing in Dubai can also be used to print larger designs on more prominent fabric. These designs are mainly used in advertising where you want to promote your product by using visual mediums. Some examples of this type of printing include flags, banners, signs, and retail graphics.

The Digital printing industry first surfaced during the late 1980s. The development of dye-sublimation printers in 1992 made it possible to directly print on fabric. It was much faster than the previous process, and since then the process of digital printing has been on the rise.

How Do Designers Print on Fabric?

When using Digital Printing in Dubai there are two types of methods — dye sublimation and direct-to-fabric. The type of fabric will play a significant role in determining the type of method you use for digital printing. For example, fabrics such as cotton, nylon, silk are stamped using the direct to fabric method, but polyester fabrics are imprinted using the dye submission method. Thus, it is essential to know about both of these printing methods before choosing the right one for your fabric.

The Dye Sublimation Method

This is the process where dye is inked directly to the fabric by heat pressing to provide adequate heat and pressure to the fabric. The applied pressure to the heat converts the liquid ink into a gaseous state and allows it to penetrate the fabric to form a permanent and beautiful picture. The pores of polymers and polyester open due to high temperature and allow the gasses to color into the fabric and become a part of it. Since the colors penetrate the fabric, the result is durable, resistant, and scratch resistant as well. This is a more effective method that is used for Digital Printing in Dubai. However, this method will not work for natural materials as they do not have pores.

The Direct to Fabric Method

This is the process where the designs are printed on the fabric using an inkjet printer. These types of printers have a special water-based ink that is introduced directly into the material in a calculated amount. Before the fabric goes through the process, they go through the pretreatment process first. In this process, the fabric is dipped into certain chemicals to make them more absorbent to the ink. This process is more suitable for complex designs and intricate details. This method will work better for lighter fabrics such as nylon and cotton.

Digital Printing Services in Dubai

What are the Advantages of Using Digital Printing on Fabric?

Digital Printing in Dubai comes with a range of benefits that make it a better option when compared to traditional printing methods. Some of the most notable benefits of the digital printing method include:

Faster Production

Digital methods are much faster than traditional screen printing methods. The screen printing methods can take up to 8 weeks to be ready, but with digital mediums, you will see quick results.

Unlimited Colors

Digital Printing in Dubai has removed the color limitation of traditional printing methods. Designers are no longer reliant on physical dying and screening. This means you have access to a full range of colors and designs to make a more visual impact on the eyes of your customers. You will also get the best results on more intricate designs.

Environment Friendly

The digital methods have reduced water consumption by up to 90 percent. The electrical usage is reduced by up to 30 percent as well. Thus, the digital printing methods are more sustainable than the traditional ones and the amount of wasted fabric is reduced making the digital method superior to the conventional screening method.

Final Words

Digital printing has revolutionized the industry. Designers are now using the latest technology to bring their vision to life and offer better and more sustainable solutions to their customers. You will get quality fabric that features the most complex designs without waiting for a long time. Thus, digital printing is a far better option than its traditional counterpart. If you are looking for a trusted partner to help you with the latest technology, have a look at COLART. We offer the best Digital Printing Services in Dubai and will be able to give you the designs you desire. Browse our range of services from our website, or get in touch with our expert team at colarts@emirates.net.ae.