What's the Difference Between UV Printing and LED-UV Printing?
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What’s the Difference Between UV Printing and LED-UV Printing?

What’s the Difference Between UV Printing and LED-UV Printing?

What is UV Printing?

UV printing is a process of printing on pre-coated substrates such as paper, plastic, or metal. The UV ink absorbs the UV light from a UV lamp and cures to form a durable image. It is used in many industries, including food packaging, medical devices, and cosmetics.

UV printing is also known as UV curing, UV flatbed printing, UV direct imaging, and UV resin transfer.

The process works by passing your design onto the substrate using an inkjet printer or laser engraver. The ink then hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light (UV) via a curing station.

UV printing is ideal for printing onto materials that are difficult to print with standard inkjet printers, such as flexible plastics, foils, and metal foils. It can also be used with traditional paper substrates producing high-quality prints at high speeds with low-cost consumables.

What is LED-UV Printing?

LED-UV Printing is a digital process that uses UV light and LEDs to cure a printing solution which can be used to print on various substrates.

The technology works by exposing the ink to UV light, which polymerizes the ink. The ink has then been cured, meaning it has gone from being liquid to a solid-state. When this happens, it will not smudge — even if it gets wet.

LED-UV Printing is often used for applications where quality, durability, and longevity are essential in choosing a print method.

Critical Differences Between UV Printing and LED-UV Printing

UV printing and LED-UV printing are two popular forms of digital printing that allow you to print on a wide range of materials. Both processes use ultraviolet light to cure the ink and create a durable, long-lasting print. While they’re similar in many ways, there are some key differences between UV and LED-UV printing that you should know before choosing your next printing method.

1. Light Source

The first difference between UV and LED-UV is the light source used during the curing process. UV printers use ultraviolet (UV) light from an arc lamp or a mercury lamp, while LED-UV printers use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of UV energy. In general, these types of printers are designed for different purposes: UV printers are typically used for high-end applications such as labels, packaging, and signage; while LED-UV printers are most often used for packaging and labeling applications where durability is more important than cost per unit area (CPUA).

2. Speed

Another difference between UV and LED-UV printing is how fast they can print an image on a substrate or label material like paper or plastic film. When using an inkjet printer, you’ll need to wait for each layer of ink to dry before the next layer can be applied. This process may take up to 15 minutes per color, meaning complex images can take hours to produce.

In contrast, LED-UV printers can print high-resolution images at speeds that rival inkjet printers. This allows you to produce stickers containing multiple colors and intricate designs quickly.

3. Durability

The third difference between UV and LED-UV printers is durability. While both types of printers can produce durable images on various substrates, the quality of those images varies depending on the printer technology used and how well certain factors are controlled during production. For example, suppose you’re printing on PVC film with a UV printer but not controlling your exposure time properly during production. In that case, your image could be less durable than expected and become damaged more easily than intended in specific environments (like being exposed to direct sunlight).

Final Thoughts

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